Killing Time for TikTok

The Humanity Of It

‘Means of Control’

Hanlon’s Razor, Kansas Edition

One Would Think It Would Not Be Too Difficult to Find a Charging Cable With 48 Hours’ Notice

Giving Up on Siri

The Chamber of Progress Scuttles Its Pre-Buttal

White House Dodges, Burns, Heals, Clones

Apps and Vinegar

Project Titan’s Cancellation Seems to Have Broken Some Brains

Granular Private Data Is the Foundation of Targeted Advertising, Obviously

I Thought It Might Be Hard to Replace My 27-Inch iMac Given Apple’s Current Desktop Lineup, But It Actually Seems Great (Adjusted for Inflation)

Meet the New Boss

In Praise of Heart and Soul

Vision Curious

How to Be Optimistic About Technology Now

The Neverending Film Photography ‘Resurgence’

Why Are So Many Pedestrians Getting Killed in the United States?

Forums of Pain

Interpreting Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino Based on Recent Events

So Far, A.I.-Generated Images of Current Events Seem Rare in News Stories

Computers Are Magical; Computers Are Awful

Managing ‘A.I.’ Risks

Raw Power

The Markup’s Uncredited Reporting in the Wall Street Journal

Fake It ’Til You Fake It

The Pixel Pinky Promise

Pride and Purpose

Standards Are Good

iPhone Pricing and Inflation

The iPhone 12 Pro: A Three-Year Review

Setting Up a Time Machine Server in MacOS Ventura Requires Psychic Powers

Pants on Fire

Copying on Purpose

This CBC Article About the Online News Act Is a Real Stinker

The Fix Is In

CarPlay’s Road Ahead

A Closer Reading of App Privacy Labels


The Best Time to Regulate A.I. Is Today

Wishing Well 2023


Twitter and Hate Speech

Go Indie

Changelog, 2023–04

I’ve Got Another Confession to Make

A Vatican-Sized Flag Mystery

Now We Are Cooking Without Gas

Congratulations, Gen Z: You Are the New Societal Scapegoat for Longstanding and Systemic Problems

The ‘Brand Vandalism’ Is Coming From Inside the House

Apple Could Maybe, Possibly Be Distancing Its Products From Google, but It Is Difficult to Tell Right Now

Everybody Panic: A Finder Bug, Since Fixed, Was Sending Empty API Calls to Apple

Disk Usage and iCloud for Messages

What Phone Cameras See in 2023

User Stylesheets Are Still Pretty Great and Should Be More Widely Supported

Twitter’s New PR Team Finds More Normal Behaviour to Spin Conspiracies Around

One Wild Month

Oh, the Places Your Apple ID Will Go

Two Great Things in MacOS Ventura

The Ad Store

Semafor Who?

Lipstick on a Pig

What Is in a Name?

Free, as in Context

‘Silicon Values’

‘Unclear Effects’ Responses and Corrections

Ad Tech Revenue Statements Indicate Unclear Effects of App Tracking Transparency

Unplugged Responds, Kind Of

Unplugged Mysteries

A 14-Inch MacBook Pro and a Few Thoughts

Migration Assistant Magic

Matt Y, the Cable Guy

The Problem of TikTok

Ahead of Their Time

Google’s Fabricated Summaries and This Website

Choices, Choices

Reporting Live From This Glass House

Works as Currently Designed


Apps Not Busy Being Born Are Busy Getting Killed Off

The Last Time an Unlikeable Buyer Took Over a Likeable Social Network

Apple Is Throwing a Third Party

The Possible Impact of the Digital Markets Act on Messaging Privacy

My ‘Not a Shadowy Nonprofit Group’ T-Shirt Has People Asking Questions Already Answered by My Shirt

Meta Launders Its Reputation Through Small Businesses

Substack, Spotify, Speech

Old Man Yells at Cloud


Something New in Something Old

Privacy and Repairs

Not What Windows Wrought

Craig Federighi and Tim Cook on Sideloading

The Trials and Travails of Digital Vaccine Cards

Facebook and Google’s Alleged Collaboration to Fight Privacy

TikTok Talk

Zuckerberg Zags

Bain Brains Take Pains to Ascertain Gains in Mains’ Reign

Ex S

WhatsApp Encryption Hullabaloo

What We Talk About When We Talk About Privacy

Tying Together Some Loose Threads

Discovery Dumpster Diving

Capability and Policy in Apple’s Child Safety Efforts

Apple’s Child Safety Initiatives

Security Is the Story We Have, Not the Story We Want to Have

Some Digital Packrattery

Safari 15 and Chickenshit Minimalism

Open Rates and Mail’s Market Share

Street-Level Imagery in a Pandemic

The New York Times Takes the Bait

The Albergotti Spin

All Developers Are Equal, but Some Developers Are More Equal Than Others



There Is No Way to Report App Store Scams

Private Exploit Marketplaces May Have Broad Security Benefits

Concentrated Influence in the Internet’s Stack, Not Just Platforms, Creates Different Venues for Control

Mac OS X Turns Twenty

Privacy, Policy


Allowing Apps to Access Your Contacts Remains a Glaring Privacy Violation

Let’s Play the Blame Game, for Sure

Grading Apple’s 2020

Sidebar: Translucency

Objects of Power

A Brief Look at ProRAW

Assorted MacOS Big Sur Design-Related Observations

M Powered


Regarding That FT Report About Apple’s Search Engine Ambitions

A Seamless Whole

New iPhone Day 2020

‘The Social Dilemma’ Dilemma

The Peculiar Rise of the Paid Email Newsletter

A Step Back

The Money Store

For Sale: Millions of Back Doors

App Store Desire Paths

Big Tech’s Power Comes Under Fire at Congressional Antitrust Hearing

Google’s Abuse of Its Dominant Position Isn’t Only Maybe Illegal, It Also Makes for Worse Products

Climbing Up the Walls

Only Apple

Hey, Wait, I’ve Got a New Complaint

Hey, Nah

Security Theatre in Safari Download Permissions

Streaming Follows a Trail Paved by Thieves and Pirates

The Bullshit Web’s Ubiquity

A Status Update on the Toaster-Refrigerator Project

Why TV?

Catalina’s Dialog Bureaucracy

Neil Young Is Back on His Audiophile Bullshit

Rage Against the Machine Learning

An Avenue by Which It Might Be Technically Possible to Give an iPhone ‘The Software Equivalent of Cancer’


Why Not Both? Or: Privacy Laws Won’t Fix Everything and That’s Okay

A More Incremental iOS

From Garages to Geopolitical Quagmires

A Handful of Links and Thoughts Concerning the Future of Transportation

One Year After ‘The Big Hack’

Art in the Age of Digital Subscription

Lock-In and Ecosystems

Assorted Items of Note Following Apple’s September 2019 Product Launch Presentation

Don’t Speak

The FTC Completely Blew Its Settlement With Equifax

Theft With Permission

WWDC 2019 Prelude

Questions About 5G Safety Are Being Politicized

Defining ‘Free’ For All

The Apple Watch Turns Four: Some Thoughts

Some Brief Thoughts on Services, Generally, and Apple’s Announcements Today, More Specifically

A Sensation Not Unlike Slapping Yourself in the Face

Rich Lowry Pennybags

Messages’ Mixed Messages

A Touch of Touch

On Apple Portables in the Approximately $1,200 to $1,300 Price Range


Thinking About Bloomberg’s Report on Hardware Vulnerabilities in Servers Made in China

Reading the Tea Leaves

The Landowner and the Apartments

The Bullshit Web

Best Before

Notes on Notifications

VI Months With the iPhone X

The Other Irresponsibility

Updates From Indonesia

The Original Siri App Compared to Siri Today

In Defence of Surfing the Insecure Web

Reports of Google’s Newfound Design Prowess Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

A Brief Critique of the Horrible UI of Hawaii’s EMA Alert System

The App Store’s Giant Pool of Money

Slow Down

Ben Thompson Is Wrong About the Deregulation of ISPs

Ajit Pai’s Giant Middle Finger

The iPhone X

Seeking Trust

On Bloomberg’s Report That Apple Downgraded the Accuracy of Face ID to Improve iPhone X Production Speed

Dust and Tedium

iOS 11: The Pixel Envy Review

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor

On the Intercept, Conflicts of Interest, and Journalistic Independence

The Ruinous Sameness of Kinja and Medium Websites

Privately Public

Amber Rudd’s Ruddy Dumb Case Against Encryption

Apple in China

The 2017 iPad

Comcast and Verizon, Counting on Ignorance, Claim to Support Net Neutrality


Snowballing App Sizes


The Boutique Smartphone

Destroying Internet Freedom

Trust in Apple’s Services

How to Make a Backup of a FFFFOUND Account

Lies, Damned Lies, and Numeric Ratings

The Facebook Model of Innovation

A History of Uber Since January 2014, in Excerpts

Sufficiently Great

Requiem for the Thunderbolt Display

It’s About Trust

The Mac

Onboard Flash Storage vs. ‘Onboard Flash Storage’


Privacy and Data Collection During a Trump Presidency

Good Design, Inside and Out


iCloud Storage Pricing

Novelty and Legacy

Pulitzers, Pardons, and the Post

iOS 10: The Pixel Envy Review

Thoughts on Today’s Apple Event

Blonde Bombshell

Breadth and Depth

Diversity of Tech Companies by the Numbers: 2016 Edition

Intuition and iOS

Limiting Harassment, Not Speech

The Danger of Dependencies

The Sound of Lightning

One Week With the Microsoft Lumia 650

Christmas in June

Criteo and AdRoll, the Web’s Cookie Monsters

What’s the Yams?

Ten Months of Apple Music

Ad Tech Is Completely Broken

Biggie Smalls

Prioritize Wi-Fi Networks on Your iOS Device

Ample Concern

An Adjustment of FBI Director James Comey’s Blog Post for Candour

Brown Note


Picking Apples

Audio Files

Travelling Indonesia With an iPhone 6S

An Imagined Conversation Between Airbus and a China Airlines Representative

Fuzzy User Interfaces

“What Do You Think?”

On the Supposed Water Resistance of the iPhones 6S

iOS 9: The Pixel Envy Review

Rosy Glasses

“Hey Siri, Are You Feeling Stereotypical?”

Diversity of Tech Companies by the Numbers: 2015 Edition

The Mobile Web Sucks, but You Can Do Something About It, Nilay Patel

Clarifying the Apple Music DRM Situation

Assorted Thoughts and Observations About Apple Music

Ignoring Apple’s Fundamental Thinking

The State of iOS: Addendum

The State of iOS

On Privacy and Service Offering Quality

Snooping on Facebook Instant Articles

The New Photos Paradigm

Future Present

Assorted Additional Thoughts on Monday’s “Spring Forward” Event

Spring Forward, Indeed

My Favourite Records of 2014

Functional High Ground

All-Canadian Duopoly


Thoughts on WatchKit

Let’s Talk About Money

A Translation of MCX’s Hastily-Written Blog Post from PR-Speak to Plain English

On iPods, iTunes, DRM, and Lock-in, in 2014, for Some Reason

iOS 8: The Pixel Envy Review

Diversity of Various Tech Companies By the Numbers

Needs Must

Translation of Stephen Elop’s Memo to Microsoft Employees From Weird Corporate Euphemisms to English

Quick Note Regarding Post Frequency

El Capitan

Photo Post-Production on an iPhone

Spitballing WWDC 2014

On Peak iPad

Brendan Eich’s Freedoms and Mozilla’s Freedoms

Dot One

GeoGuessr House Rules and Hints

(Partially) Recovering From a Bizarre iTunes Error Turned Catastrophic

Cloudlike: The Morals of Appropriation of Contemporary Artworks

My First Macintosh

Thoughts on Beats Music

My Favourite Records of 2013

Intellectual Property Brouhaha

A Swing and a Miss

Two Weeks With the Retina iPad Mini

Legroom Becomes Equal

The Kübler-Ross Stages of BlackBerry

Exploring the New iWork for Mac File Formats

Brian White is a Really Shitty Analyst

Spitballing Apple’s October Event

iPhone 6B, for Big

Wristy Business

FaceTime Audio Over a Cellular Connection

Unsucking Apple’s Mapping Data

iOS 7: The Pixel Envy Review

The Problem Exists Between Nerds and Normal People


Ghost Town

A Surprisingly Simple Fix for Imbalanced Volume From Apple In-Ear Headphones

The Hierarchy of iOS 7

Dub Dub

Everything the Rumour Blogs Say Apple Will Be Introducing at WWDC

Growing Pains

Thoughts on the New York Times’ Prototype Article Redesign

Design Is How It Works

What a Stupid Idea

Recommended by 4 Out of 5 Dentists

A Snobbish Canadian’s Review of Tonx

Housekeeping: RSS Feed Issues


Voodoo Meditation

Skipping Pebbles

The Verge Reviews Microsoft’s Surface Pro

Why I Don’t Stream My Music: A Somewhat Specific Set of Qualifications

Voyeuristic Tendencies

The Best Albums of 2012, Edition Ten: Held

The Best Albums of 2012, Edition Nine: Grimes

The Best Albums of 2012: Honourable Mentions

The Best Albums of 2012, Edition 8: ‘Allelujah!

The Best Albums of 2012, Edition Seven: Frank Ocean

The Best Albums of 2012, Edition Six: Dum Dum Girls

The Best Albums of 2012, Edition Five: DJ Shadow

The Best Albums of 2012, Edition Four: Deftones

The Best Albums of 2012, Edition Three: Clams Casino

The Best Albums of 2012, Edition Two: Kindred

The Best Albums of 2012, Edition One: Silver Age

Google Maps for iPhone

First Third, 2013

Tick Tock

Every Article I Neglected to Post Regarding Apple’s Big Executive Switch Which, by Now, You Must Be Sick and Tired of Reading About

Record Player Elegance

The Best Possible Situation

Bubble Wrap

Thoughts on Today’s Apple Event


More Small iPad Spitballing

Spitballing a Smaller iPad

Regarding Snappli’s Claim That Only 4% of Their iPhone Userbase Are Using Apple’s Maps

Hold Me Closer, Betteridge

The Subtlety of Progress

The Cola Wars

My Broken Mailbox

Diagnosing an Oft-Dropping AirPort Extreme Connection

Translation of Selected Portions of AT&T’s Blog Post Regarding FaceTime Over Their Cellular Network

New Hotness

Proposed Browser Support for Retina-Ready Images

Eight Inches

Armchair Rumour Speculation

Please Stop Stacking Arial in Front of Helvetica in Your Stylesheets

Lightweight Embedding of Facebook Page Updates


Everybody Hates Windows Phone

Pixel Envy

This Whole EPEAT Kerfuffle

Designing for Destruction

Peanut Gallery: WWDC 2012 Edition

Seven Inches

@2x Pedantry

Hypothetical Television Set

iTunes: Thor, or the Hydra

BookBook for iPhone: The Final Verdict

Improvements to Permalinks and Citations

Optical Lamination, or the Lack Thereof

My iOS 6 Wish List

Two Weeks with the New iPad

9 AM

About that BookBook…

Rob Enderle: Wrong Again

Followup: BookBook for iPhone

Every Product is a Killer Product

The Critical Thought of Creativity

The New Education

Notes From the Android Design Guidelines

They’re Exactly What You’d Call “Guidelines”

Dear Comedy Central

Future Nostalgia


The Larger Scope

That “Store” Button in iOS 5’s Music App

You Get What You Pay For

The X-Factor

Two Weeks with the iPhone 4S

Google’s Moral Duality

Visions of the Present

It’s Like Rain on Your Wedding Day

The “F” in “Five” is Either For “Fantastic” or “Finally”

Remembering Steve Jobs

Ephemera Regarding Permanence

Sony’s Inspired Unlimited Music Designer


The Ex-CEO, the New CEO and the Future of Apple

Review: BookBook for iPhone 4

Yet Another Entry in My Series of Poorly-Considered and Ill-Advised Bullet-Point Thoughts

Translating Apple’s Final Cut FAQ into Plain English

“I’d like your pointiest boot.”

Free Ideas for Developers

Don’t Wake the Dragon, But Maybe Strike Up a Licensing Deal With It

It’s the Experience, Stupid

You Suck at Making Coffee

Translation of Selected Portions of Microsoft’s “Mango” Press Release to Plain English

Observation RE: NY Times Subscriptions

Various Bullet-Point Thoughts on the iPad 2

Multitasking, etc.

Followup to “2”


Wherein I Discuss Layout Decisions

It Might But Probably Won’t

Not So Fast, Bucko

Thoughts on Wireless Power