The Best Albums of 2012, Edition Six: Dum Dum Girls

End of Daze — Dum Dum Girls

Last year’s Only in Dreams LP was the record when I began to hear the sound of the Dum Dum Girls mature and concentrate. The hit single from that record — if there was one — was “Coming Down”, which I first heard while taking a train through the rain at one o’clock on a September morning. Dum Dum Girls have had a special place in my heart ever since.

This year’s EP is no less powerful. The garage sound is both sensitive and powerful at the same time, best exemplified by lead single “Lord Knows”. Lead vocalist Dee Dee laments the hurt she’s caused, but there’s a defiance to her pleading.

This EP is more atmospheric than previous Dum Dum Girls albums, and moreso even than you’d expect from any garage rock album. There’s space for contemplation and understanding, and it’s wonderful. My only complaint is that it isn’t a full-length, but I’ll settle for this tight five-song EP while I wait for their next LP.