Translating Apple’s Final Cut FAQ into Plain English

Via Apple:

Final Cut Pro X is a breakthrough in nonlinear video editing. The application has impressed many pro editors, and it has also generated a lot of discussion in the pro video community. We know people have questions about the new features in Final Cut Pro X and how it compares with previous versions of Final Cut Pro. Here are the answers to the most common questions we’ve heard.

We added some cool new features in Final Cut Pro. These features impressed pro editors until they actually used it, and realized that none of their previous projects would work in the new version. This pissed them off royally.

Can I import projects from Final Cut Pro 7 into Final Cut Pro X? Final Cut Pro X includes an all-new project architecture structured around a trackless timeline and connected clips. In addition, Final Cut Pro X features new and redesigned audio effects, video effects, and color grading tools. Because of these changes, there is no way to “translate” or bring in old projects without changing or losing data. But if you’re already working with Final Cut Pro 7, you can continue to do so after installing Final Cut Pro X, and Final Cut Pro 7 will work with Mac OS X Lion. You can also import your media files from previous versions into Final Cut Pro X.

Fuck no.

Can I import my video directly into Final Cut Pro X as I could in Final Cut Pro 7? Yes. Final Cut Pro X allows you to import video from a wide range of devices, including many AVCHD-based cameras and DSLR cameras. You can find a list of supported cameras here. The list will grow as we continue to test and qualify new cameras. [truncated]

(no translation necessary)

Can I edit my tape-based workflow with Final Cut Pro X? Yes, in a limited manner. Final Cut Pro X is designed for modern file-based workflows and does not include all the tape capture and output features that were built into Final Cut Pro 7. Final Cut Pro X does support FireWire import for DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO HD, and HDV. In addition, companies like AJA and Blackmagic offer free deck control software that allows you to capture from tape and output to tape.

You still edit on tape? Get with the times, man.

Does Final Cut Pro X support multicam editing? Not yet, but it will. Multicam editing is an important and popular feature, and we will provide great multicam support in the next major release. Until then, Final Cut Pro X offers some basic support with automatic clip synchronization, which allows you to sync multiple video and audio clips using audio waveforms, creating a Compound Clip that can be used for simple multicam workflows.

Hell no. Funny story: we knew people wanted this, but we really needed to meet some deadlines. Therefore, we took a page out of Motorola’s book and shipped it in an incomplete state and somehow managed to charge $300 for it. We’re geniuses.

[boring FAQ points truncated]

Are keyboard shortcuts in Final Cut Pro X different from those in Final Cut Pro 7? Many keyboard shortcuts for navigation, start/end marking, and tools are the same in Final Cut Pro X and Final Cut Pro 7. Some keyboard shortcuts have changed to support new features. Final Cut Pro X offers powerful keyboard customization, and you can view and modify keyboard shortcuts at any time by choosing Final Cut Pro > Commands > Customize.

We took a page out of Adobe’s book and moved a few shortcut keys around. Good thing you don’t rely on those or anything. Right?

Can I use my third-party plug-ins in Final Cut Pro X? You’ll be able to use them as soon as they are updated.


Can Final Cut Pro X export XML? Not yet, but we know how important XML export is to our developers and our users, and we expect to add this functionality to Final Cut Pro X.

Does Final Cut Pro X support OMF, AAF, and EDLs? Not yet.

Does Final Cut Pro X allow you to assign audio tracks for export? Not yet. An update this summer will allow you to use metadata tags to categorize your audio clips by type and export them directly from Final Cut Pro X.

Nope, nope and, uh, no. Aren’t you glad you paid $300 for this upgrade?

Can I purchase a volume license? Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, and Compressor 4 Commercial and Education Volume Licensing will be available soon via the Apple Online Store for quantities of 20 or more. After purchasing, customers will receive redemption codes they can use to download the applications from the Mac App Store.

Now that you’ve read our extensive FAQ on why we took a bunch of stuff out of the product you rely on, we’ll soon be offering the chance to purchase enormous quantities of said product. It was clearly the price that consumers had a problem with.