Dear Comedy Central

As a Canadian, I’m a bit perplexed as to a number of inconsistencies with Comedy Central’s offerings.

The Daily Show website, for instance, does not stream any video to Canadians. However, we’re still watching the same ads and therefore are contributing to the same revenue stream as American viewers.

The Daily Show website does stream video within Canada when browsed from an iPad. However, it’s only video from the last couple of episodes.

The Daily Show app is available in the Canadian App Store, but does not stream video. This would be okay, except it costs $1.99. Two bucks for a useless app dependent on geography.

The Canadian resource for Daily Show videos has typically been the Comedy Network site (Canadian version of CC), however their archives only extend back two weeks. This becomes problematic when attempting to locate a clip from even a month ago.

Are these problems smaller and independent of each other, or is there a general level of consistency that cannot be maintained across different platforms?