Lightweight Embedding of Facebook Page Updates

A client of mine would like updates from their Facebook page to display on their website. There are a few ways of doing this, including the officially-sanctioned Facebook activity widget. Unfortunately, this widget is pretty resource-hungry, and fairly ugly.

The lightest way I’ve found to do this is with the page RSS feeds. I’ve had Kayla Knight’s Facebook RSS parser bookmarked for a while, but at some point, Facebook quietly disabled getting RSS feeds via the method you’d expect. The page ID that Kayla uses is the one that you’ll find in photo uploads by that page. It’s the 360554127319590 in 544979_360554127319590_637526006_n.jpg. But, as I said, this was depreciated.

Happily, “stacey” on Stack Overflow has a solution. Simply place that ID into the URL and use the second ID shown in the feed. For my example, visiting shows the following:

 "id": "360554127319590",
 "from": {
 "name": "Fallacious Logic",
 "category": "Website",
 "id": "360553933986276"

If I substitute the 360553933986276 ID above into Kayla Knight’s parser, and include that PHP file in the usual method, it works wonderfully. Quick, lightweight embedding of Facebook page updates into a website.