More Small iPad Spitballing

As long as I’m writing speculative posts, there are a few things I forgot to address in the previous spitballing article concerning the launch event.

A demonstration of a smaller iPad is a really hard proposition. To strike a balance between the new and the familiar is nearly impossible for an easily-bored tech press. Therefore, I don’t see a full event being dedicated to the one product, and I also don’t see Apple booking out Yerba Buena for it (even though it’s available for October 17).

I think we’ll see the launch of updated iMacs, and perhaps a 13-inch retina MacBook Pro (but that’s a long shot) at the same event.

Something has been bugging me regarding the currently-available iPads. I don’t think it’s likely that Apple would update a device launched just six months ago, but I also think it’s obvious that a new iOS device will be launching with the Lightning connector. A new iPad has also showed up in a developer’s logs with an A6 chip. This is, I believe, the next generation of 10-inch iPad, but its “3,6” designator suggests that it’s a relatively minor update. Like I said, I doubt they’d update the 10-inch at the same event with an A6 chip and Lightning connector, but it’s possible.

I should stop digging now, shouldn’t I? We’ll know more this week if press invitations get sent out.