Peanut Gallery: WWDC 2012 Edition

All quotes [sic].

The Comments


It’s funny that Apple fanboys say how useless the Android features are when they don’t have it but when iOS gets the features Android has for over 2 years they say “WOW now iOS is the superior OS of all time” … iOS isn’t unique but you … you Apple fanboys are unique … I give you that.


yo siri, where’s a good place to get some “how do these 3d hookers float your shit?, yelp as good reviews for the blonde one”

Keshav Kulkarni:

Co-editor of Techcrunch! Techrunch should be called iCrunch. Pitiful journalism.

Morgan Culp:

And another pointless UI from the king of pointless UI is interesting… how? Please, control your iGasms before posting.

I don’t see any indoor maps, street view or offline caching. All I see is iUsers in their typical mouthfoaming routine over shiny iProducts.

Vincent Spencer:

Apple’s still overcharging I see. My G53 has an i7 @2.2ghz/12 gigs of ram/gtx 560 w 2 gigs vram/ It came with a laptop backpack and gaming mouse and alls it cost was $1,350. The video card never goes above 80c the processor never above55c. I feel sorry for the apple cult and their hemorrhaging wallets.

Bonus: Pundit

Josh Constine:

Why read about someone else when you could write about yourself? Soon the “Tap to post” to Facebook and Twitter buttons announced at WWDC today will appear in iOS and OS X Mountain Lion’s Notifications centers so you’ll always be just a swipe away from sharing. But that means you won’t have to visit Facebook or Twitter where you collide with what others create, diminishing the ambient intimacy they offer and turning them into ego-driven broadcast channels.