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Autocorrect Based on Contacts and Apps

Wil Shipley: Imagine being in charge of an algorithm that hundreds of millions of users depend on every day and saying, “Hey, let’s take any word that’s capitalized in your contacts and just always capitalize it in text messages!” It’s not just contact names that inform the autocorrect dictionary: any capitalized word in a contact […]

iOS 9: The Pixel Envy Review

Apple has long been a company of measured progress, but for two years in a row, they’ve delivered a substantial leap in the abilities and extensibility of iOS. iOS 7 brought a complete top-to-bottom redesign, while iOS 8 allowed developers to interact with the OS and other apps more than they ever could previously. But […]

The Transit App on Apple Watch

Excusing my mild obsession with this app — hey, I take public transit a lot — this is one of those cases where the Apple Watch makes sense. It takes the thing you use for checking the time and repurposes it to show you something immediately related to the current situation. Apple isn’t articulating this […]

The Transit App Adds Notification Centre Widget (iTunes Link)

There are an awful lot of crappy Notification Centre widgets showing up in the App Store right now, but the people behind the Transit App have nailed it once again. I swear I receive zero compensation in any way for my endorsement of this app; it’s just really, really good. This is exactly what a […]

Friending the App Store

Great article from Andy Baio: Apple’s sole attempt at personalized recommendations—the painfully inadequate “Genius,” which recommended clones of apps you already installed—was phased out last year for the even-worse “Near Me,” showing the same location-centric apps to everyone in your city. This one-size-fits-all model may have worked in the first year, but as the App […]

Apple Buys Embark

Jessica Lessin: Apple Inc. keeps snapping up mapping companies. The latest: Embark Inc., a small Silicon Valley upstart that builds free transit apps to help smartphone users navigate public transportation. You may remember Embark from their catchy-ass promo video; I certainly did. Between this and Apple’s acquisition of Hopstop, I’m probably wrong with regards to […]

The Transit App: Now in San Francisco, Austin, and Calgary

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m enamoured with an app called Transit, even though it hasn’t been available in Calgary. I even mentioned it in my iOS 6 review. Well, I can finally use it in my city, and I already love it. It’s also available in San Francisco, […]

The Subtlety of Progress

I told myself I wasn’t going to do this. There are bound to be hundreds of reviews of iOS 6, so why should I contribute to that mess? What could I bring to the table that’s new, that’s different, and which places my own spin on the average new operating system review? To simplify things, […]