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Written daily by Nick Heer in Calgary, and around the world.

Please write desk@pxlnv.com. If it’s a sensitive email, you can grab my public key for that address. I’m also nickheer on Keybase.

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Who’s Nick?

If you’re curious, I don’t write this site full-time. I am an artist, designer, and front-end developer.

Other places you can find me include Twitter, Instagram, Mastodon, and Goodreads.

Conflicts of Interest

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If you’ve read the above and are wondering whether this site is profitable, the answer is a pretty solid “no”. Thanks to the support of those of you who click on affiliate links, though, plus the small revenue from the sidebar ad, I’m very happy that this site is breaking even. It pays its own bills, and that’s what’s important to me.

And Now, a Special Note for NetNewsWire 3 Users

I’ve heard a few reports from users of NetNewsWire 3 that my RSS feed sometimes doesn’t work correctly. This appears to be a known bug on the part of NetNewsWire, though version 4 fixes the issue. If you do not wish to update to the latest version, a possible workaround is to copy an existing RSS subscription within NetNewsWire and adjust its settings to point to my feed URL.