Mark Zuckerberg Gets a Refresh

Charlie Warzel, the Atlantic:

[…] That’s because the mere idea that Zuckerberg is having a moment is itself a carefully composed bit of image maintenance. The feeling that there might be a new Zuckerberg in town is not an accident, nor is the fact that the CEO made headlines by saying he was down for a cage match with Musk just two weeks before launching a product to compete with Twitter. What you’re seeing — the biceps, the bravado — is yet another in a long line of Zuck eras. A software update, if you will.

This latest makeover looks like a bizarre attempt at a duplication of whatever version of masculinity Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, and Musk himself have carved out. Perhaps not to the same extreme, but definitely nodding toward that bubble. I would not read too much into it, though — give it a few years, and Zuckerberg will have found a new image in whatever happens to be trendy then. The products are not so different from the CEO.