Satisfied With Its TikTok Clone, Meta Is Working on a Twitter Clone

Lia Haberman:

You might have read about a new, decentralized, social network Instagram is building for “creators and public figures.”


All new details have surfaced based on secret calls Meta has been having with select creators, hinting at a potential release in late June. Here’s what I’ve been told by a creator who met with Meta.

I keep arguing that Meta has no vision for its products. Its biggest long-term bet is obviously its ideas about augmented and virtual reality, but none of that is really taking off and it is unclear whether it ever will. While it waits, Meta appears to know what it does not want for its existing products — for them to stagnate — but it does not seem to know what it should do. It is treating Instagram as an amorphous container into which it can stuff whatever apparently trendy ideas surface for its still hot-to-advertisers space, without any coherent narrative for what Instagram is supposed to be. It has cloned Snapchat, it has cloned TikTok, and now it is cloning Twitter.

Is desperation a synonym for strategy?