Written by Nick Heer.

Photos 1.1

A quick preview from Jason Snell. This is nice to have back:

Yes, in Photos 1.1 you can add a location to an image or batch of images that weren’t geotagged, as well as edit the location of data of already-geotagged images. To do this, you open the Inspector window. A not-yet-geotagged image will offer a section of the window labeled Assign a Location. Clicking in this area will let you enter a street address or a name of a point of interest, and Photos will search Apple’s Maps database. If that location isn’t good enough for you, you can always click on the pin and drag it around the map, placing it wherever you like.

Not only is this the return of a feature I’d been missing, it comes back stronger than ever. This sounds great. Based on what I’ve heard and played with so far, I don’t think that I’m going to fall in love with it yet, in the same way I did with Aperture. But it’s now the primary way I edit my photos, and I like it more each time I use it.

Update: Based on an email from Brian Kimball, I took another look at this functionality and it doesn’t seem to be up to the tasks of power users.

As he pointed out, it relies on the Apple Maps POI database, which can be a crapshoot as we’ve previously discussed. Furthermore, because it relies upon search, it’s incredibly difficult to bulk tag photos in slightly different places – that is, you must tag them all identically, or modify them one at a time, which is tedious.

So, from the perspective of an average user, I maintain that this is stronger than ever. You simply select photos, search for a location, and you’re done. But if you want even slightly more granularity in your workflow, you’re hooped.