Opinionated? 512pixels.net

Stephen Hackett:

There’s no doubt in my mind that Apple wanted iOS 7 to feel opinionated, but its design choices led to issues for many users, so the company keeps cramming more toggles in the Accessibility panel. […]

Opinionated software can be great, as long as the opinions are well-considered. The myriad of UI tweaks available in iOS 7 feel like a failure of design.

I disagree: OS X has loads of accessibility options, many of which seem just as trivial to those of us fortunate not to require them. The cursor can be enlarged to a comical size, contrast can be cranked up, and the entire display can be made greyscale. I don’t hear anyone moaning about these options, nor calling OS X a failure of design.

Don’t get me wrong: there are questionable aspects of iOS 7’s design direction — I called attention to the ambiguity of the text-based “buttons” last year. But to look at these options specifically designed for accessibility reasons and see them as an admission that iOS 7 fails in its design is, I think, misguided.