Following Up on a Question of Capability

I wanted to follow up on something I asked last year:

This is a good and wide-ranging interview that dances around a question I have been thinking about for a while now: what capabilities do high-performance products like these unlock for a creative professional? It is great to see how much faster they are at compiling applications or rendering video, but I wonder what new things people will attempt on machines like these which may have been too daunting before.

I published this in the context of the Mac Studio with its brand new and very powerful M1 Ultra chip, but I think it is just as relevant in the context of fast computers with very long battery life, like the new MacBook Pro models. With so much capability on a single charge, you can happily work away anywhere you want — on any project you can think of — without worrying about finding an outlet. It is the kind of thing which makes a laptop feel that much more portable and more powerful at the same time.