Contradict Yourself, Why Don’t You

The headline is polemic: “why Samsung is the next Apple”. The body of the article, however, paints a different picture. John Biggs writes:

Samsung’s success isn’t a sure thing. Incumbents rarely survive the revolutionary tidal wave of Apple’s design team and if history is any guide when/if the “real” Apple TV appears all of Samsung’s hard work will be forgotten as accolades roll in for Apple’s amazing (and I’m just guessing) retina display screen, built-in coffee-maker, and Scent-Surround smell emitters.

If we also take this in accordance with Samsung’s noted “me too” stance towards Apple’s design and products, we note that Samsung is following Apple. You can’t lead from the back.

Drew Curtis on page 97 of Fark:

Journalists are traditionally taught to find an angle on a story. It’s hard to argue with that, considering that just reading a straight-up retelling of events is pretty dull. The angle is what gets us interested and makes us want to continue reading. Problems occur, however, when the journalist has to find an angle on a story that doesn’t really have one.

The article I’ve linked to says, in summary, that Samsung is the next Apple because they’re pushing a lock-in model which is, according to Biggs, the reason Apple is successful.