BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0

[T]he addition of in-built email, calendar and contacts without the need to tether to a BlackBerry smartphone is obviously a welcome addition. RIM did a great job with the apps as well, providing what is easily among the best email and calendar experiences we’ve seen on a tablet. Apps integrate with each other seamlessly and we’re big fans of the layered UI RIM used in the email app.

In this instance, “obviously a welcome addition” should be revised to “a late, obviously-missed opportunity”. Good thing they got the hint though.

Even with all its improvements, the PlayBook OS is still missing key elements — most notably, support for two features RIM is well known for are still missing: BES and BBM.

I guess they didn’t get the hint. How can the PlayBook still be missing two of RIM’s core products? To paraphrase James May, one gets the impression that they don’t have a team of people working on it, but just a guy who shows up on Tuesdays.

As it stands now, assuming RIM works out the stability issues we saw, PlayBook owners should absolutely be happy with the PIM features and other new functionality coming to the PlayBook next month.

Next month? Maybe the lone developer only works a half-day.