Written by Nick Heer.

Apple Testing Maps Notifications to Inform Users of Fixed Problems

Good news from MacRumors’ Richard Padilla:

Apple seems to be testing a new notification feature in its Maps application, based on a report and screenshots captured by a MacRumors reader.

The user reported an error to Apple in the Maps app on April 6 and was given an option to receive a notification when the issue was resolved, with Apple sending a push notification on April 8 indicating the problem had been fixed.

This is a great start to letting users know that their problems are being looked at and resolved. However, there remain longstanding problems, such as Redwood Meadows Golf Club appearing roughly forty kilometres away from where it should be (I reported this in July 2012), and the entire city of Belgrade being shafted. Some of the other issues I noted in my iOS 7 review have been fixed, however, so all it takes is writing an article which then gets picked up on TechMeme and Daring Fireball. Easy, right?