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Boston Startup Develops Worst Imaginable Way to Get a Cup of Coffee

Albert Burneko, Defector: In other words, just to get to the point at which your freezer has a Cometeer-brand flash-frozen puck of concentrated brewed coffee in it, some number of coffee beans must be subjected to the absolute most sophisticated, technologized, circuitous, wasteful process for making coffee in the entire history of life of earth. […]


While many news organizations were satisfied with covering today’s launch of App Tracking Transparency in iOS 14.5 as a feature that, at most, illustrates a key difference between Apple and Facebook, for example, Mike Isaac and Jack Nicas of the New York Times decided to write a parallel article about the apparently fractured relationship between […]

James Hoffman’s AeroPress Technique

Tony Konecny, formerly of Tonx and now at Yes Plz, in a lengthy and entertaining thread about coffee brewing techniques [sic]: And I of course love the Chemex. The heavier filters are very forgiving of grind size/quality. It’s hard to fuck up. It’s an elegant brewer when you’re serving multiple people and one of the […]

Spotify Continues to Remove Episodes of Joe Rogan’s Podcast

Paul Resnikoff, Digital Media News: Just last week, Digital Music News first reported that 40 different Joe Rogan Experience podcast episodes were found missing from Spotify, now the exclusive platform for the show. Now, that number has quickly grown to 42, with potentially more shows quietly getting removed from the catalog. Among the newly-missing is […]

After Union Push, Medium Follows the Trend

Medium CEO Ev Williams, in a companywide email: Though Medium has been an open platform since day one, we’ve had an editorial team almost as long. The original thesis was that we wanted to establish that Medium was both open and high quality. We wanted to set the bar high. We were successful in doing […]

Facebook’s Attempt to Vilify Apple

Kurt Wagner and Mark Gurman, Bloomberg: Facebook Inc. lashed out at Apple Inc. in a series of full-page newspaper ads, claiming the iPhone maker’s coming mobile software changes around data gathering and targeted advertising are bad for small businesses. The ads, which ran Wednesday in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, […]

Understanding ProRAW

Ben Sandofsky of Lux: As we dug deeper into ProRAW, we realized it wasn’t just about making RAW more powerful. It’s about making RAW approachable. ProRAW could very well change how everyone shoots and edits photos, beginners and experts alike. To understand what makes it so special, the first half of this post explains how […]

Following Tradition, Ajit Pai Will Leave the FCC on January 20

Sara Morrison, Recode: Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chair Ajit Pai has announced that he will leave the agency on January 20, when Joe Biden is sworn in as president. This gives Biden at least one commissioner slot to fill on his first day in office and, should that choice be confirmed, a Democrat majority to […]

Understanding 5G

Glenn Fleishman, TidBits: However, 5G won’t be transformative for most people or purposes. Its advantages primarily accrue to cellular carriers, even more so than 3G or 4G, which offered significant boosts in throughput and allowed higher rates over broader areas. 5G will let carriers charge more for service in some cases, handle more customers simultaneously, […]

New iPhone Day 2020

This year’s iPhone announcements were special for me because it is the first time since 2017 that I know I will be buying a new phone. My partner’s 6S has some sort of circuit fault that discharges batteries extremely quickly, so she will be getting my iPhone X — and I will be getting, well, […]

Hey, Nah

Yesterday, Basecamp began sending invitation codes to people who had previously registered interest in Hey, its much-anticipated new email-like product. Hey has a bunch of quirky new features that, unsurprisingly, cannot entirely be shoehorned into existing email protocols so, while it uses SMTP, it does not support IMAP or POP. Users must use the proprietary […]

Employee Surveillance Applications Are an Intrusive Waste of Time

Adam Satariano, New York Times: With millions of us working from home in the coronavirus pandemic, companies are hunting for ways to ensure that we are doing what we are supposed to. Demand has surged for software that can monitor employees, with programs tracking the words we type, snapping pictures with our computer cameras and […]

James Lipton Dies Aged 93

I was not the best student in college; I semi-frequently pulled all-nighters to finish projects and papers that I should have started much, much sooner. At around 3:00 in the morning, and with several cups of coffee in my system, I’d start to feel like I was vibrating from the inside, so I would take […]

The Era of Widely-Peddled Fake Products

Ganda Suthivarakom, the Wirecutter: The rise of counterfeit goods and other phony products sold on the Internet has been swift — and it has largely gone unnoticed by many shoppers. But make no mistake: The problem is extensive. Most people don’t realize this, but the majority of listings on Amazon aren’t actually for items sold […]

Rage Against the Machine Learning

A recent cold snap seems to have increased my propensity to experience bugs. I’m usually a walking commuter to my day job, but I’ve happily accepted a lift from my partner all week long as temperatures dropped below the ‑30° C mark every morning. As I got into the car this morning, I noticed a […]

End the Razor-and-Blades Business Model

Kim Lyons, the Verge: Obviously, we won’t see an end to such gadgets because too many products rely on what economists refer to as the “two-part tariff,” where you buy the product (razor, floss dispenser, coffee maker) and then pay a per-unit fee for the items (blades, floss, coffee pods) that make the product usable. […]