Pixel Envy

Written by Nick Heer.

Zaprudering the Microsoft Surface Intro

John Moltz:

About 14:00 he says “Movies and entertainment look great as well.” Tap. Tap. “Hang on a sec.” Tap. Swipe. Tap. Tap. “Excuse me just a second.” Then he goes and gets another Surface from under a table.

Trotting back with the new one, he returns to his point. “Surface works great for movies and entertainment as well.”

No doubt.

All of the presenters seemed to have trouble with the left-edge swipe, which is supposed to bring up a task switcher of some kind. There were lots of these little problems throughout, leading Chairman Gruber to comment:

Some will argue that I’m simply spoiled by Apple’s on-stage polish, but Monday’s Microsoft event struck me as rushed and severely under-rehearsed.

Apple’s product announcements are, of course, well-rehearsed and superlatively executed, even when introducing something as relatively mundane as a new iPod. Shouldn’t Microsoft’s event be even more rehearsed, given the significance of this product?