The ‘Proxy War’ Between YouTube and Stream Rippers

Ernesto Van der Sar, TorrentFreak:

It’s no secret that the music industry sees stream-ripping as today’s single biggest piracy threat.


Last summer, [YouTube] started taking active and aggressive countermeasures to block IP-addresses that are frequently used by stream-ripping services to download content. Our source describes these blocks as ‘purges’.


In addition to these purges, Google also removes URLs from search results when they are reported by copyright holders, as we alluded to earlier. This is a frustrating experience for bigger site operators, who have to switch to fresh URLs frequently.

In a world where Google did not own YouTube — and would, therefore, not have legal accountability for the misuse of licensed materials — would it be so keen to comply with copyright-based requests to remove stream rippers from search listings? I wonder.

In related news, the RIAA today demanded that GitHub remove the repository and forks of youtube-dl, a popular command line tool for downloading videos from YouTube and other sources.