Apple Announces That WWDC 2020 Will Kick Off June 22, Free for All Registered Developers

This will be the first WWDC that I will attend, mostly because of the typical cost of going to WWDC; I imagine many people will be first-timers for the same reason.

WWDC is not simply about the keynote, the labs, or the awards, though — the vibrant community is something that, as far as I’ve heard, is hard to replicate elsewhere. There is also a very real possibility that future conferences may hew closer to this format than the single-city festival of years — decades — past.

Like so many things right now, WWDC 2020 will feel bittersweet. No doubt it will be the best-attended Apple developer conference ever, but can the in-person community be replaced with webcam get-togethers? It seems unlikely, but let’s make the most of this chaotic situation anyhow and try.