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Written by Nick Heer.

WWDC Bingo

Ryan Jones’ gigantic WWDC Bingo spreadsheet returns on Google Docs. So far, fifty-four people — including yours truly — have added their best guesses for what will be announced this year. So far:

  • No single line item is seen by all participants as guaranteed. Yes, there is one person who has guessed that Apple will introduce a new Mac Mini on Monday. Two people do not believe there will be any major iPad enhancements in iOS 11.

  • A couple of guesses are nearly evenly split across all participants: the likelihood of iTunes for Mac being split into at least two new apps, and whether Jony Ive will be physically present.

  • Aside from Phil Schiller, lots of people think that this year’s Talk Show Live guest will be either Craig Federighi or Tim Cook. I wasn’t the only person to guess Jony Ive, but I think it’s a bit optimistic.

  • Participants seem pretty split on how many buttons will be undone on Eddy Cue’s shirt.

  • I’m slightly less optimistic than the median.

If you’d like to participate, hop in. The winner will have the dubious honour of being the best at interpreting Apple Kremlinology.