Written by Nick Heer.

WWDC 2013 App Now Available

Beautiful little app. Since its design isn’t the same as the rest of Apple’s apps, there are those who are pointing to it as a foreshadowing1 of the interface components of iOS 7. Of course, the same thing was claimed last year:

It seems likely, then, that iOS 6 will move towards making iPhone apps look more like their iPad counterparts [with a silver UI]. We are expecting to see almost all of Apple’s built-in apps adopting a new look for this summer’s update.

Try, try again.

Then there’s the matter of the large amount of “to be announced” sessions: Matthew Panzarino counts just one in Presidio that has actually been announced, while Marco Arment counts two. Whatever the case, that’s also vaguely familiar of last year’s TBA-heavy schedule:

This implies not just that Apple will be announcing new stuff (duh, it’s WWDC), but new stuff that will fill the biggest room in the building with two-and-a-half days worth of sessions. […]

To me, this is what a preliminary WWDC conference schedule would look like if Apple were set to announce a new developer platform…

It turned out that the large number of TBA sessions were due to a wide variety of new technologies, rather than a single new platform: the first retina display-equipped Macs, iOS 6 Maps, new tech in Mountain Lion, and so forth.

Whatever the case, it’s certainly made more interesting by the increased size of the Presidio room. Looks like those TBA sessions are going to appeal to a hell of a lot of developers.

  1. Not literally a shadow, of course, in this flatter alternate universe. ↩︎