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Written by Nick Heer.

WSJ Backpedals on iPhone 5c Supply Chain Cuts Story

beeeeeeeeeep; beeeeeeeeeep; beeeeeeeeeep

What’s that noise? Why, it’s the Wall Street Journal back-pedalling on their possibly alarmist supply chain story from yesterday. (I don’t know how to turn backwards pedalling on a bicycle into an onomatopoeia, so that’s why I used a truck backup alert.)

Daniel Eran Dilger, AppleInsider:

The article didn’t outline how many iPhone 5c models Apple had been building, or how many it planned to build at launch or throughout the quarter, or if the changes were planned in advance or in response to production yields.

Instead, the financial journal simply speculated that the undefined “reduced orders” could be “fueling concerns about weaker-than-expected consumer demand and the company’s pricing strategy.”

It seems awfully unscrupulous for a newspaper to change their story after publishing it with no acknowledgement of the changes.