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Written by Nick Heer.

Women Once Ruled Silicon Valley

Emily Chang of Bloomberg has a new book coming out next week:

I’ve spent the last eight years covering Silicon Valley, most recently as the anchor of Bloomberg Technology. During that time, gender disparities have always hung in the background, present but often unacknowledged. Off-camera, guests would sometimes complain about a Silicon Ceiling — a sense that women’s opportunities in the tech world are severely limited — but they rarely wanted to discuss the subject on the record. And so, two years ago, I set out to investigate the problem and, more important, try to understand what the industry can do about it. The tragedy, as I argue in my book, Brotopia, is it didn’t have to be this way. The exclusion of women from technology wasn’t inevitable. The industry, it turns out, sabotaged itself and its own pipeline of female talent.

An excerpt from “Brotopia” was published earlier this year in Vanity Fair; in it, Chang lifted the lid on the drug-induced orgies thrown by prominent venture capitalists and attended by their clients.