‘The Wi-Fi Only Works When It Is Raining’ predr.ag

Predrag Gruevski:

My dad is an engineer who had already been tinkering with networking gear longer than I’d been alive. Through the company he started, he had designed and deployed all sorts of complex network systems at institutions across the country — everything from gigabit Ethernet for an office building, to inter-city connections over line-of-sight microwave links.

He is the last person on Earth who would say a “magical thinking” phrase like that.

“What?” I uttered, stunned. “The Wi-Fi only works while it’s raining,” he repeated patiently. “It started a couple of weeks ago, and I haven’t had a chance to look into it yet.”

Via 500 Mile Email, a blog and newsletter of absurd bug stories, which I found via Andy Baio. Excellent classic stories, and some new ones I had not seen before.