Written by Nick Heer.

‘Why Are People Mad at Me? An Explainer for Venture Capitalists’

Aram Zucker-Scharff:

The VCs are flipping their position on government bailouts after spending years arguing that they shouldn’t be constrained by any regulations or rules, financial or otherwise. People, both with and without a historical understanding of the marketplace, are understandably upset when they perceive a clear and certian statement that for all the talk of “wealth generation” and the moral burden of taking loans and running a buisness that VCs have done over the years these same self-identified gurus clearly feel no particular ethical requirements themselves. Apparently the moral hazard of the market is for us lesser beings, not the startups and their funders.

I spotted a few of the links in my last post in Zucker-Scharff’s running feed of related topics. This original piece is great, too.