Why I Like Daylight Saving Time leancrew.com

Dr. Drang:

I like Daylight Saving Time, and the advantages it brings more than make up for the slight disruption in my schedule. In fact, the most annoying thing to me about the DST changeovers is hearing people complain about them.

So many great and quotable parts of this article. The reality, for much of the Northern Hemisphere, is that the advantages it affords outweighs the minor inconvenience of changing the few manual clocks you have left in your house. Would you instead prefer a 4:00 sunrise in Chicago in June? How about an 8:00 sunrise in December?

In fact, where I live, these effects are amplified further. According to the U.S. Naval Observatory, we wouldn’t see the sun rise until nearly 10:00 in December, or we’d cope with a 4:00 sunrise. This daylight saving time malarky actually works quite well.