Whither Link Posts? shawnblanc.net

Shawn Blanc:

The fact of the matter is: there’s no right or wrong here. Lopp, Bowler, Brooks, and so many others out there have spent time evaluating what they want to focus on. And so I thought I’d share briefly about why I personally am keeping my link posts here.

Like Lopp and Bowler, many people are migrating to Twitter as their outlet to share links. And while I think Twitter and App.net are great places for that, I personally like the idea of sharing most of the links I come across via my site.

“I know,” I thought, “I’ll link to this discourse on linked posts, in a bout of poetic justice.” But this is, truthfully, a great explanation of the reasons why I enjoy linking to posts I think you will find engaging, thoughtful, insightful, or interesting.