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Written by Nick Heer.

Despite Tech’s Universal Reach, Mainstream Writers Remain Overwhelmingly White

Shawn Wilkins:

Over the years, I’ve become exceptionally privy to websites that lack depth when it comes to having people of color on their teams. The first site that I noticed was BGR. BGR has put up some questionable articles in the past, but to say their site isn’t one of the smaller-yet-respectable ones around when it comes to tech news, information, leaks, and rumors, would be misguided. As one of the first sites I wanted to explore when applying for jobs, this one hit the worst. Their team lacks any people of color or any other groups outside of “white 20s-30s male”. But this post isn’t just about BGR alone. If you name a tech-based site, chances are you see the same kind of results in various degrees throughout. Some have one or two POC writers, some have a plethora, others have none at all and are absurdly brazen about it to the point of tone-deafness or a lack of awareness – possibly both.

It is bafflingly myopic for the press covering an omnipresent industry to continue to rely upon mostly white and mostly male voices.