‘Where Is My Mind?’ Stops the Alarm on Google Pixel Phones faroutmagazine.co.uk

Jordan Potter, Far Out:

Recently, a Reddit user took to the platform to report a strange occurrence. After setting their alarm to use songs at random from a playlist, one morning, the alarm failed to activate. Fortunately, they had woken up earlier and investigated the issue. As it turns out, Frank Black yelling “stop!” at the beginning of the song [“Where Is My Mind?”] pre-emptively disables the alarm on Google Pixel phones.

Delightful little bug. Reminds me of the days when saying “hey Siri” would make any iPhone obey one’s command, even if it was not their own.

Update: If any readers own a Google Pixel, there are plenty of other songs worth trying this with. I wish I had a Pixel to do the same. Alas, I have some kind of feeling for which I am struggling to find a two-word summary.