What’s That Smell? 9to5mac.com

Jake Smith has a report for 9to5 Mac this evening wherein he reiterates an long-rumoured upcoming interface overhaul for iTunes 11. He links to a new report from Bloomberg:

Apple will unveil the changes by year’s end, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans aren’t public. The company will more closely integrate its iCloud file- storage service with iTunes so users can more seamlessly access and manage their music, videos and downloaded software apps across different Apple gadgets, the people said.

This doesn’t surprise me. Many of the recent feature additions to iTunes have felt grafted on, rather than built-in. What is curious is the way Jake Smith doubles down on this:

As for the iCloud integration, it is said to make it easier for users to manage their files. We showed you a screenshot of the iCloud integration within an early build of iTunes 11 back in April.

If you follow that link, you will see this screenshot of an info box, a version string, and nothing more. In what way is this a “screenshot of the iCloud integration”?