What’s So Special About the AeroPress shawnblanc.net

Shawn Blanc really likes his AeroPress, but I think he missed a big reason of why it’s so loveable — and I’ve tried nearly everything: the ratio of ease-of-use to results. A French press is really easy to use, but makes — in my opinion — a mediocre cup of coffee, and is a pain in the ass to clean. An espresso machine is very challenging to use consistently, but it makes a great cup of coffee. An automated machine is super easy to use, but the results are nearly always wanting. A V60 is finicky, but makes a good cup.

The AeroPress, though, is really hard to screw up and produces a fantastic cup, and it’s easy to clean.

It’s not just one thing, but the combination of everything that Blanc mentions that makes the AeroPress so damn great. For a single cup of coffee, no other brewing method is able to combine ease-of-use, easy cleaning, lack of waste, inexpensiveness, and consistently great results.