A Watch Expert Reviews All of the Apple Watch Bands watchaware.com

I’ve been using the 38mm Sport with a Classic Leather Buckle for a while now. While the white Sport Band that came with it is comfortable, it’s fairly informal. The combo I’ve settled on looks great, and it’s the lightest-weight combination you can make.1 That Ariel Adams agrees that these are two great band options is relieving to hear, particularly when there’s considerable choice.

One thing that struck me when I my Classic Leather was its edges and sides. Watch the linked video closely or check out the photos and notice how the sides are smoothly cut and sealed, with crisp edges. There’s something about it that looks artificial, but Adams says that this is an indication of better construction, and not cheapness. A lot of the tech review sites are adamant that Appleā€™s watch bands are of a lower quality, but appearances are deceiving. Apple isn’t kidding around when they say these are really great straps; Adams seems impressed, at any rate.

  1. The watch I was wearing previously was made of titanium, so increased weight is noticeable. ↥︎