Walt Wawra Feels Unsafe in Canada Without Gun huffingtonpost.ca

If it’s related to Calgary and it’s utterly ridiculous, you know I’m all over that. Seema Dhawan writes for the HuffPo:

Walt Wawra, a U.S. police officer, is encountering ridicule online after writing a letter lamenting not having his gun during a visit to Calgary.

In a message to the Calgary Herald, Wawra, of Kalamazoo, Mich., describes what he felt was a dangerous confrontation with two men in Calgary’s Nose Hill Park — for which he wished he had had his firearm.

Walking with his wife, the men approached Wawra and asked if the couple had been to the Stampede. After receiving no response, they asked Wawra again. He told them “Gentle-men, I have no need to talk with you, goodbye.” The men looked “bewildered,” he writes in the letter and likely had bad intentions indicated by their “aggressive, disrespectful and menacing manner.”

“Small talk? Should’a had my gun for that.”

Why did he think he needed a gun to protect himself against small talk in Nose Hill park? CBC News reports:

“What concerned me is two young men just approached us and stopped us, stopping us by being in our path, and [began] talking to us without even being welcome to talk to us. They just took it upon themselves to yell at us.”

Of course, he’s become the butt of jokes on Twitter, and outside our local restaurants (via Reddit user WyldeKat).