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Written by Nick Heer.

Federico Viticci Interviews Craig Federighi About iPadOS Improvements

I am notoriously terrible, amongst friends and family, at serialized media. I don’t watch a lot of television, nor do I watch many movies that have prerequisite viewing, and there are only a few podcasts that I spend a lot of time with.

So I surprised myself by spending today listening almost entirely to several podcasts rather than music, including this excellent interview of Craig Federighi by Federico Viticci. You can tell the team building cursor support into iPadOS 13.4 spent a long time dialling in how it should snap to elements, and really thinking through the cursor experience from the ground up.

Update: In this interview, Federighi says that Microsoft is working on trackpad support for its Office apps — something they didn’t get for free with the iPadOS 13.4 update because of a custom text rendering engine. Tom Warren of the Verge has now confirmed that those updated apps will be available by autumn.