A Survey of Popular Apps Currently Compatible With Apple’s Vision Pro macstories.net

John Voorhees, MacStories:

You see, iPhone and iPad apps are compatible with Apple Vision Pro and made available to its users by default. Developers have to affirmatively opt-out, using App Store Connect if they don’t want their apps to show up in the device’s App Store.

As it turns out, it’s possible to tell if a developer has opted out by using App Store API endpoints. So, with a little help, we built a shortcut to check some of the most popular apps on the App Store. […]

Of forty-six popular apps — all of which you will recognize — all but seventeen have been opted out of compatibility mode. None have a native VisionOS app. One important caveat noted by Voorhees is that all of this could change by February 2. Apple only began allowing submissions of Vision Pro apps last week so it is also possible some of these big-name developers have not submitted new versions, or they are holding native versions until Vision Pro release day.

Still, it is an interesting survey of where things stand right now, particularly for the large list of first-party apps which will be shipping in compatibility mode. Some of them, like Reminders and Stocks, are presumably lower priority applications that do not benefit as much from a spatial experience. But Maps, in particular, seems to me like an application that will be completely different as a VisionOS app and needs more development time.