Verizon Activated 6.2 Million iPhones in Q4

The first look at iPhone sales for the holiday quarter comes courtesy of Verizon, as reported by Mashable‘s Seth Fiegerman:

Verizon revealed during its earnings call Tuesday that it activated 6.2 million iPhones in the fourth quarter, almost half of which were LTE-enabled iPhone 5 devices. That means Verizon sold about 3 million iPhone 5s in the December quarter, up from 651,000 in the previous quarter (when the device had only been on sale for nine days).

That represents a growth of nearly 50% as compared to last year’s record-breaking holiday quarter. If that’s extrapolated across all iPhone sales worldwide (which is quite a stretch, granted), that could mean 55 million iPhones sold between October and December. This is obviously just one carrier’s sales in one country, but given the increased international rollout, it could be even greater than that.

Verizon did not provide a breakdown of how many of each iPhone model were sold in Q4 2011, but they did this year. As Fiegerman notes (above), over half of iPhones sold were of the older models, which is interesting. It’s not as if we’ve reached the peak of technological innovation, but perhaps we’ve reached a point where even the old stuff is great enough for the vast majority of people.