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Written by Nick Heer.

The Verge to Automatically Opt Users Into Email Newsletter

Joshua Topolsky:

We’re starting up daily emails to let readers know about the most important, exciting, and interesting articles of the day. These items will be handpicked and curated by our editors to give you a convenient list of the day’s must-read stories, delivered right to your inbox. Because let’s be honest: your inbox is lonely and it’s looking for some special company.

If you’re a forum member or have started a commenter account here at The Verge, you’ll start receiving these emails immediately (the first one will go out on Monday).

It’s not against Vox Media’s terms of service

Your affirmative act of registering, using or logging into the Services constitutes your acceptance signature to these Terms. WE MAY PROVIDE NOTICES TO YOU ELECTRONICALLY (1) VIA E-MAIL IF YOU HAVE PROVIDED US WITH A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS OR (2) BY POSTING THE NOTICE ON A WEBSITE DESIGNATED BY US FOR THIS PURPOSE.

…but it is a dick move. This feels really spammy.