Pixel Envy

Written by Nick Heer.


The Iconfactory is getting ready for OS X 10.10’s new visual design language. Craig Hockenberry has penned an excellent, short post explaining that the multi-windowed, multitasking nature of OS X will make non-updated apps look terrible. Gedeon Maheux is redesigning icons to better fit with the new OS.

Here’s what I find a little crazy about this, though: Apple hasn’t shown a single, verified glimpse into the future of OS X’s design language. Perhaps it’s possible to extrapolate it from iOS 7, or parts of iTunes 11, or perhaps the Apple website, parts of which have been tweaked slightly. But none of this is confirmed.

The Iconfactory is pretty well-connected to Apple, so I’m inclined to take their direction seriously. But don’t rush into this thing. All will be clear on June 2.