Apple’s New Tysons Corner Store Has a Genius Bar

Michael Steeber:

Today, Apple revealed its most comprehensive redesign of the Apple Store experience in nearly a decade. The Genius Bar is returning with a reimagined design. There’s an all-new space for more immersive product discovery. Store accessibility has been improved, and new design elements emphasize sustainability. It was 22 years ago at Tysons Corner that Steve Jobs showed the world how to “Shop Different.” Now Apple is back in the mall where it all began to start a new chapter.

Seven years ago, Apple debuted a series of changes to its retail branding in an effort to turn them into destinations. It replaced Genius Bars with Genius Groves, and even reduced the prominence of the word “store”. But this era of changes has not translated well to Apple’s mall locations. Where would you go for help in this store? Compared to the older design, the newer stores are more confusing. The changes shown by Steeber are a welcome course correction.

I have questions about how long all that wood panelling will continue looking good, though.