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Written by Nick Heer.

Twitter Is Broken, Yet Vital

Alex Kantrowitz, Buzzfeed:

The platform similarly became a critical source for updates on the Brexit fallout and the invasion of Mosul, along with the usual celebrity spats and sports commentary. No other service possesses the fast-moving, real-time environment of Twitter, and the platform provides an unparalleled window into unfolding world events. The worst corporate turbulence, it seems, can’t shatter the glass around the lightning it caught in its bottle a decade ago now, which no other company, service, or product has been able to duplicate.

I don’t think there’s a bigger disconnect between company and product at any company than there is at Twitter. The company has a long way to go to improve their record of allowing abuse and intimidation on their platform, but the core of the idea is solid, unique, and — dare I say — irreplaceable.