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Written by Nick Heer.

Twitter Hires Natalie Kerris for PR

Kurt Wagner, Recode:

CEO Jack Dorsey on Monday tweeted that the company has hired former Apple comms exec Natalie Kerris as its new VP of global communications. Re/code reported last month that Kerris was close to being hired. Now it’s official.

The announcement comes a month after Twitter lost a sizable portion of its executive team — and seven months after it fired former communications lead Gabriel Stricker, who has since landed at Google-owned Fiber.

Kerris used to work at Apple, so that might explain why she has posted just 313 tweets since she joined in June 2009. For comparison, other Twitter executives — with the exception of Dorsey — don’t fare much better: CAO Robert Kaiden has tweeted just 29 times since he joined in March last year; general counsel Vijaya Gadde is at 1,768 tweets since April 2009; CTO Adam Messinger has tweeted 2,894 times since March 2007.

Volume may not be the best metric here, but when even a CTO has tweeted less often than once per day since he joined the service, perhaps there’s a clear reason for their increasingly off-putting product decisions: they don’t use it.