The New Twitter for Mac Doesn’t Support Twitter’s Latest Features

Federico Viticci has collected some reactions to the new Twitter for Mac client and it’s not brilliant:

I’ve seen dozen of other people lamenting poor performance, odd behaviors on OS X, and random bugs with Twitter accounts. That doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence, especially after you read that the app was apparently outsourced to developers outside of Twitter. Even more baffling: Twitter Moments – one of Twitter’s biggest product releases of 2015 that got its own (confusing) TV commercial – aren’t supported in the new Mac app.

Outsourced where, you ask? The Verge reports — and it was previously hinted to me — that Black Pixel was behind the new client. They have a pretty good reputation, but their updates to beloved apps (NetNewsWire, and now Twitter) leave much to be desired.

“Hold on there, Nick,” you complain, “you’re saying Twitter for Mac was ‘beloved’?”

Indeed, I am. A long time ago, in a version far, far away, there was an excellent Twitter for Mac client made by Loren Brichter. Not only was it functionally complete, there were little transitions and animations everywhere that made it feel joyous to use.

But now, in the fourth version of Twitter for Mac, changing each view is accompanied by a fade so short as to be perfunctory. Images simply pop open in full size. Locations are not aligned to dates. Selecting a DM thread and then going back to the DM thread list will return it to the top scroll position. It’s rough around the edges, yes, but also devoid of personality. In a way, it’s the perfect client for today’s Twitter, Inc.

Me, though? I’m sticking with Tweetbot. At least, until Twitter fully pulls the rug out from third-party clients.