Dan Moren Was Locked Out of iCloud for Exactly Twelve Hours sixcolors.com

Dan Moren’s iCloud account was offline for exactly twelve hours for reasons apparently known to somebody at Apple but which cannot be disclosed to Moren:

Moreover, if this was some kind of scheduled procedure, why not warn affected users ahead of time? The idea that my email — which I rely upon for work — and a slew of other services might be interrupted for essentially an entire workday with no notice whatsoever is technological malpractice. My cable company tells me when it’s doing work in my area and there might be service hiccups, and you can bet that the hosting provider I use for my website communicates whenever there might be something that affects my service.

I wrote earlier about expectations of reliability in a different sense, and this is a whole different level of strange. iCloud has become so much better since its launch and it has fewer unexpected failures, so why are the reasons for one localized to Moren’s account so secretive? Only Apple knows, and it is not saying.