Two Tweet-Length iPhone Tips

Here are two little things that I learned from tweets in the last twelve hours or so. First, @c_eck shares a Markup tip:

I just learned how you can get clean markups by pausing at the end of drawing your shape, line or arrow.

For example, if you use the pen tool to circle something in an image, just pause at the end of drawing your probably-shaky shape to get a nice clean circle. I have no idea how anyone is supposed to figure this out on their own, but it works great once you know it’s there.

That came in handy when I wanted to reproduce an observation originally posted on Reddit, via the Halide team:

Big news: the latest iOS 15 beta automatically removes the famous ‘green orb’ lens flares we are so used to on iPhones.

Look to the left-hand side of the sky in the first image, just above the horizon, to see the lens flare. I just had to give it a shot, and it seems to work pretty well. This is the kind of seamless fix that computational photography enables, though this example is a simple patch that could also be done by a golden retriever with access to Photoshop. I will have to try this in some trickier contexts.