Try Glass

Ben McCarthy:

I should add, I’m a big fan of what the team at @tryglass is doing; a social network that puts photos first, no ads, no algorithms, no competition.

Every time I open it I’m delighted by what I see. That’s more than worth the price of admission.

I am a fan too.

The timing of these Instagram changes is funny — it has been about a year since Glass launched, and I received my reminder from Apple about the annual subscription renewal just a few days ago.

I doubt anyone at Instagram really thinks about Glass, but it has been a reminder to me of why I appreciate the latter platform so much. I post pictures — I am particularly happy with this recent image — and people who follow me see them in their feed. I open the app and I get to see a scrolling gallery of stunning photography from people I follow. Sometimes, I tap on the button beside the main feed view to see non-pushy examples of other users I can follow.

It all sounds so simple — and that is because it does not need to be so complicated.

Update: This is not a sponsored message. Glass is offering a 30% discount for the first year of your subscription to the first ten thousand people who sign up with the cheeky code PIVOT2VIDEO.