Justin Trudeau on ‘Hard Fork’ aaron.vegh.ca

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared on the New York Times’ “Hard Fork” podcast for a discussion about artificial intelligence, election security, TikTok, and more.

I have to agree with Aaron Vegh:

[…] I loved his messaging on Canada’s place in the world, which is pragmatic and optimistic. He sees his job as ambassador to the world, and he plays the role well.

I just want to pull some choice quotes from the episode that highlight what I enjoyed about Trudeau’s position on technology. He’s not merely well-briefed; he clearly takes an interest in the technology, and has a canny instinct for its implications in society.

I understand Trudeau’s appearance serves as much to promote his government’s efforts in A.I. as it does to communicate any real policy positions — take a sip every time Trudeau mentions how we “need to have a conversation” about something. But I also think co-hosts Kevin Roose and Casey Newton were able to get a real sense of how the Prime Minister thinks about A.I. and Canada’s place in the global tech industry.