Transit Hits 4.0

Transit has always been my favourite public transportation app, and the 4.0 update adds some pretty killer features. Most notably, “GO”:

Using voice and push notifications, GO manages each aspect of your trip so you don’t have to think about…

  • when to leave

  • where to get off

  • or whether you’ll reach your destination in time

It notifies you when you should leave to catch the train or bus, to walk faster if it detects that you’re going to miss your ride, and more. For straightforward daily commutes, this probably won’t be that useful. But for those of us who take public transit everywhere or for unfamiliar cities, this is going to be amazing. If you’re dependent on public transit and you use any app other than Transit, I’m not sure we can be friends.

Update: Jonas Wisser tried the GO feature on an hour-long commute and found that it’s hard on battery life. Keep that in mind when you try it out.