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Rene Ritchie, iMore:

As much as I, as a technology enthusiast, love companies that throw everything at the wall just to see what sticks, I also value those that have patience to counterbalance their audacity, that take their time and pick their shots. I value the ones that wait for the Treos and the BlackBerrys to pass the early adoption stage, the Intents and the Contracts to get hammered on, the Pebbles and the FuelBands to hit the market. I value the ones that wait and see where each product is brilliant and terrible, figure out how and where they can make something better, and then focus on the implementation and the packaging and give me something truly great.

These two processes are complementary and benefit each other. Apple didn’t invent the smartphone, but they certainly created the most polished, user-friendly experience of the time with the first iPhone. Now, pretty much every smartphone looks like an iPhone.

Companies like Apple benefit from this, too. Google, for example, has been pioneering predictive information displays with Google Now. With iOS 7, Apple added drive time predictions to Notification Centre; with Mavericks, they added commute predictions for calendar events.